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Wolf 2 Slice Toaster Review

Wolf Gourmet WGTR102S 2 Slice Toaster

What can be so pleasurable to have early in the morning in life? Of course, a great compliment while taking a cup of French roast with a buttery toasted bagel or English muffin. Ensure that the slots of the toaster could accommodate bread slices which are of different sizes and shapes. Are you looking for a pleasing experience? Well, then do not waste your time anymore and have a Wolf toaster!

Bring the functional performance along with an uncommon style of Wolf appliances to kitchen countertop with the Wolf Gourmet toaster. An outstanding complement to the Wolf range regarded as a representative symbol, the slots of this toaster are extra-large, and it makes custom browning of the whole thing certain from sourdough slabs to fat bagels. Bread is kept warm after toasting while you are waiting for getting ready for it.

The Wolf 2 Slice Toaster Explained

Wolf toaster is a beautiful 2-Slice Toaster comes with stainless steel, die-cast material construction and has an iconic red control button. It is a kitchen showpiece to put a golden glow on any bread while placing into its extra-large slots. The wide-slots for food items have self-centering guides to accommodate both a thin slice of bread, an airy, delicate baguette or it could be a thick slice of sourdough. This toaster comes equipped with advanced toasting technology, the self-centering bread guides to make the thinnest to the thickest items center precisely for toasting and every time you will get evenly and perfectly browned toast.

Its heating elements are of commercial grade which you can find in restaurants or hotel kitchens. Stainless steel, die-cast construction makes the unmatched appliance longevity to provide many years of service. No need for cramming and crumbling as the extra-wide slots fit fat bagels, brioche, crumpets or cinnamon bread easily into it. When toasting is completed, the extended bread lifter elevates the toasted item to standard height for trouble-free access.

When the toasting has been completed, it can keep items warm when you are busy with tea, coffee or making other things. With innovative pre-programmed Wolf Cookware settings, you can also get frozen bread, classic waffles, and perfect French toast. If you want to get different shades in your toast, then there is shade selector dial to provide different shades each time from light to dark. Its crumb tray is removable. It is easy to handle, and the operation is noise free.

Whom is Wolf Gourmet WGTR102S 2 Slice Toaster for?

There are too many people who like thick sliced multi-grain bread while few other like traditional white toasted bread. Some may like New York style bagels while some others prefer only waffles in their breakfast. Whatever be the demand, you do not need to fill your counter with an untidy collection of a multitude of small appliances to finish your breakfast within the shortest possible time if you have the Wolf Gourmet. This 2-Slice Toaster can handle your each and every toasting tasks.


  • Product Dimensions 7 x 8.4 x 11.9 inches
  • Weight 6.5 pounds
  • Color Red
  • Item model number WGTR102S
  • Material Stainless Steel, die-cast
  • Warranty 5-year limited


  • Oversized Bread Slots Fit Different Bread Types, Thicknesses, And Shapes. After Toasting, Bread Is Automatically Lifted Up To The Standard Height. It Makes The Approach Quite Easy For Bread Lifter.
  • Self-Centering Bread Guides So It Can Toast Whether The Thinnest To The Thickest Bread With Ease. Each Slab Is Held Perfectly Upright And Centered On Making Certain Even Browning.
  • Heating Elements Are Of The Commercial Grade For Unmatched Durability
  • Bagel Setting Allow Toasting The Inside Of Bagels While Makes The Outside Warm
  • Its Frozen Setting Allows One-Step Toasting Of Frozen Bread, English Muffins, Waffles, And French Toast
  • Keep Warm Setting Facilitates To Keep Toast Warm While Waiting For Getting Ready
  • Shade Selector Dial Allows For Exact Control To Select Toast Color From Light To Dark
  • Crumb Tray Is Removable Which Facilitates For Easy Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Construction And Die-Cast Material Are A Unified Balance To Wolf Cookware


  • When Toasting Is Finished, You Can See Stripes On Both Sides Of Items
  • Top Of The Toaster Between The Slices Gets Excessively Hot

Our Remarks

Wolf established the Wolf Gourmet line with the collaboration of other renowned brands. If you want to renovate your kitchen or want a modern kitchen, there are other Wolf appliances like Wolf Gourmet Oven or Wolf Countertop Oven, Wolf Convection Oven, Wolf Countertop Convection Oven. For grinding and mixing, Wolf Gourmet have Wolf Blender.

When it comes to only toasting, there is Wolf Toaster Oven for easy toasting task for your daily breakfast. For a large family with more than 5 to 6 members, you can select Wolf 4 Slice Toaster for your convenience. If the price is not the main concern, then you should go for a well-built toaster which can give consistent results and equip with modern touches, get the Wolf Toaster.


Question : What is the power capacity of Wolf Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster?
Answer : The power capacity of this 2-Slice Toaster is 900W. The nominal power input voltage would be 120V AC at 60Hz.

Question : Does this toaster accommodate large items?
Answer : Yes, the slots of this 2-slice toaster are wide enough to fit fat bagels, large pieces of bread or slices of sourdoughs. When toasting is completed, toasted items will be lifted up automatically.

Question : How about the texture of the bagels when using Wolf Gourmet?
Answer : This toaster would warm the outside of the bagels and toast the inside.

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