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How Much is an Old Meat Grinder Worth?

How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

No matter the reason you’re looking for an old meat grinder, we’ve got you covered from every angle!

How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

1. Commercial/ industrial meat grinders

How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

Recommended for butcher shops, restaurants, and similar types of businesses, commercial grinders are enormous and able to grind large amounts of meat and food in a single operation.

They are a big investment but they bring big rewards as well with high speed and improved accuracy.

How much does an old commercial meat grinder cost?

While a brand-new meat grinder may cost you anywhere between $300 to $1,200, an old unit would cost between $100 to $500 depending on the size, ability, functionality, and other features.

2. Residential meat grinders

How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

a) Manual

You’ve seen them in antique stores or your childhood when your grandmother used one. But they’re still used in remote areas where electricity is unavailable, such as cabins in the woods.

How much does a used manual grinder cost?

An old functional unit will set you back up to 20 dollars.

b) Electric

Electric meat grinders are seen everywhere today. They’re run by an electric motor and they come with interchangeable grinder plates that allow you to have different textures in your meat.

How much does a used electric grinder cost?

You’ll easily find a used unit between $20 to $50 on eBay or yard sales.

3. Antique meat grinders

How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

If you’re an antiquarian, you surely would love to have a vintage meat grinder in your collection. They used to be made of cast iron and as you know, they always made quality stuff in the good ol’ days.

How much does an antique meat grinder cost?

The price ranges from $15 to $30 these days and their resale value increases as time passes by.

Why Would You Choose Old Meat Grinders?


When you’re looking for a fully functional budget-friendly meat grinder for your shop or home, an old meat grinder is a right way to go.

Grinding meat at home

How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

Commercial fast-food chains need to grind piles of meat every hour but you may have to shred only a few smaller chunks at home.

It’s a good idea to have a manual or electric meat grinder in your kitchen to get uncontaminated freshly ground meat whenever you need it.

But if you often arrange large parties at home, you may even consider a commercial unit.

Where to Buy Old Meat Grinders?

How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth


Local markets

a) Flea markets

People often bring used items to these markets to make a few extra bucks out of old stuff in their homes. Sometimes you might need to repair the device depending on the condition.

But on a lucky day, you may get a functional meat grinder at a cheaper price.

b) Yard sales

Garage sales could be a special source to find an old electric or manual meat grinder for your kitchen. You might just get a grinder that provides the most bang for your buck.

Top Websites

eBay, Etsy, and anti quessearcher are the top three websites for buying all kinds of old meat grinders and their spare parts.

The best part about these sites is that you can search for a specific model and compare the price tags between different sellers.


1. How old are meat grinders?

Ans: Some vintage meat grinders date back to 200 years! Karl Drais from the United States invented the first hand-cranked meat grinder in 1842.

2. Why are meat grinders so expensive?

Ans: These highly functional appliances are capable of processing about 4.5 pounds of meat each minute. Such a high level of functionality and increased demand is the root cause of their premium price tags.

3. Is it cheaper to grind your meat?

Ans: No, you can get store-bought pre-packaged ground beef or beef patties for a much lower price nowadays when compared to buying a roast with the perfect fat ratio to grind. But grinding yourself helps give you control of the overall quality and texture of the meat.

3. Is it safe to use an antique meat grinder?

Ans: Yes, as long as you keep each part of the grinder clean after every use and be careful with the blade.

4. What are antique meat grinders made of?

Ans: Most of them are made of cast iron or cast aluminum. A meat grinder has different parts that are differently attributed for grinding actions. The crank and blades of an antique meat grinder are mainly made of steel.

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