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Conair Turbo Steamer Reviews For Help With Steaming Needs

Conair Turbo Steamer Review for Help with Steaming Needs

If you are going to attend a party or function, you need to shape up your look a bit. So, thinking about your look, at first you need to take good care of your garments.  Washing and cleaning garments wouldn’t get you the desired look. You need to get off the wrinkles and fragile fabrics. So, for an elegant and fresh look for your clothing, requires a better product. With advanced steam tech and easy heat up features, Conair Turbo Steamer is the permanent solution for your fabrics steaming. But you need to be certain about this steamer if you can really count on it when the necessity arises. Are you interested? We’re going to deliver you a satisfying answer by the end of this review.

Can you think of purchasing Conair Turbo Steamer for its lightweight structure with its easy iron and steaming process? We think you should know better than that. Read below what we have recommended for you.

Key Features of Conair Turbo Steamer

1. 1550-watt Steam Generator

The electricity used by this steamer is more than 1000 watts. So, you can easily steam your fabrics in no time. The 1550-watt electricity operating makes the temperature of the steamer up to 50% hotter.

2. Built-in Creaser

The built-in creaser of this steamer provides easy folding and pressing of the pleats while you need to work faster.

3. Turbo Button

This special feature provides supercharging ability which makes your garment instantly release wrinkles with refresh soft textile and provide your cloth a fresh-pressed and professional look.

4. Deep and Continuous Steaming

As this steamer reaches a temperature up to 50% hotter and delivers 50% more steam, the steamer goes deep down your fabrics and continues steaming up to 15 minutes.

5. Silicone Band

When you steam your fabric, you will notice the tightened and stretched fabrics. This band will provide you the convenience to pull the fabric taut to ease your streaming.

6. Delicate Fabric Spacer

This feature provides protection from fragile fabric and trims wrinkles with ease.

7. Bristle Brush

The bristle brush attachment makes your steaming goes deeper and helps to loosen fibers to reach steaming into the fabrics.

8. Quilted aluminum plate

You might be thinking about if you can use it like an iron. The aluminum quilt plate provides steamer plate performs like iron for a fresh-pressed look.


  • Type Conair Turbo Steamer
  • Product Dimension 13.7 x 9.3 x 6.4 inches
  • Cable/Cord Length 9 Feet
  • Power Output 1550-Watts
  • Water Tank Capacity 7.3 Oz
  • Model Number GS76RGD
  • Item Weight 3.1lbs
  • Time to fully Heat 40 Seconds
  • Steam Time per Fill 15 minutes
  • Using in Garments
  • Input AC Voltage 110 – 120
  • Includes Fabric brush, Fabric creaser attachment
  • Origin USA


  • Fast Heat Up
  • Easy Water Filling
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Generate Steam Within 75 Seconds


  • Hard To Repair Spare Parts

Our findings

Let’s turn to the real-time usage this time. See a few details we have found based on our own trusted review about this product.

1. Performance

I ordered this turbo steamer from US store as I heard a great review about this product. The delivery of the product was better, and on first use of the steamer, it heats up quick or if you need to heat instantly press the turbo button and you are ready to start steaming. It is quite easy to operate, and it passes over your clothes to release wrinkles. The improved on/off switch makes it better to operate. I can continue the steaming process up to 15 minutes, and I did it to test the product and later found out that the steamer gets hot after 14-15 minutes of continuous work. Other than this, I found no issue with this product.

In a word, we have been examining the Conair Turbo Steamer for a longer period of time, and we found no issues. This steamer offers turbo extreme steam temperature and durable performance by its iconic components.

2. Ease of use

You can use this steamer even if you are a beginner. The yellow power light indicator and green ready indicator provide you the information about its preparation. On the other hand, the convenient water reservoir provides an easy filling capability. Easier to hold and maneuver including nine-foot power cord makes it easier to move in the distance.

How to Use and Maintain Conair Turbo Steamer?

1. Usage of Steamer

  • Fill the reservoir with distilled water
  • Point steam nozzle at hanging clothing item when steam is ready
  • Put hose and nozzle always upright
  • Use gentle, short strokes while holding fabric taut
  • To get wrinkles on the run, start steaming at the bottom
  • Wrinkles will fade away slowly

2. Maintaining the steamer

  • Wipe your steamer with a damp cloth after every use
  • Decalcify your steamer after every 2 months of use
  • Never run your steamer without water
  • Running without water will cause damage to the system
  • Always empty excess water from the container

Whom is Conair Turbo Steamer Ideal for?

So, you are all ready to go out for an invitation. But there is a hurdle that you need to come out. Don’t look around, just use a steamer which is ideal for you to iron and remove wrinkles from fabrics including cotton, wool, and polyester. So, if you are looking to iron your cloth to remove unwanted wrinkles or you want to look chill and fresh, then Conair turbo extreme steam advanced handheld fabric garment steamer (GS76RGD) is for you.

Customers’ Feedbacks

We critically explained the product than most customers on Amazon did. Its better 3.7 stars with average customer reviews from real buyers should be enough to come into a conclusion about Conair Turbo Steamer as an optimal product, but some users went above the average positive lines as they shared their bitter experiences due to not getting stable performance.

However, this product has the aptitude to quick and easy steaming that includes Silicone Band with continuous steaming capability makes it way better than most of the steamer out there.

Our Final Thoughts

So, you know every detail of Conair Turbo Steamer, and it takes us to make the final decision about this product. You might be waiting for the final verdict that would keep your interest awaken. When we examined this product for a significant amount of time, later, we established that this product could clearly work with efficiency on different circumstances. As this product features Turbo Button and built-in creaser with an improved on/off the system, Conair Turbo Steamer is surely a better product than most of the steamers out there.


Question : Does this have dual voltage?
Answer : This steamer doesn’t have any dual voltage system. You need a converter to use it in different outlets, such as 220 volts.

Question : Does it have steam pause feature or power button to turn it off?
Answer : This steamer does have a power button, and it does have steam on/off feature. Steam will not come out if the water stayed heated.

Question : What kind of water should I use to clean it?
Answer : The steamer often clogs the water system and reduces performance. So, you need to use a soft cloth dampened with water to clean it externally.

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