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How To Clean Plastic Cutting Board At Home

How To Clean Plastic Cutting Board
Written by Tommy Davis
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Cutting boards are important pieces of kitchen equipment. Whether you are going to cut vegetables, meat or make some cheese boards, the cutting board can save your workplace from being dirty and scratched. There are wooden cutting boards as well as plastic cutting boards. A wooden cutting board is durable, but a plastic board can also last for years with proper usage.

The use of plastic cutting board can also be different if you put them in different places. The life hacks for the plastic cutting board is surprising and interesting. For keeping the plastic boards like new and make it a durable product, you can also consider some cleaning and maintenance hacks. Let’s dig in more to know the best hacks for the plastic cutting board.

Kitchen Hacks – How To Clean Plastic Cutting Board

You can use plastic cutting boards in so many ways. Rather than just using it as a cutting board, you can use them for other purposes also. Interesting right? Let’s find out more!

Use as Trivet

You can use your plastic cutting board as a trivet when you need to place hot, out of oven dishes and pans. It will keep your countertop or table from scorching. However, too much hot pots can damage the plastic, so consider moderate hot pot and pan to keep on these cutting boards. A quality cutting board like IKEA cutting board can be used without any issues. One thing has to be remembered that, you should keep away your plastic cutting board from oven and direct heat.

Use as Trivet

You can also use these plastic boards to hold other kitchen products like a mixer or grinder machine. These boards are particularly useful in this scenario as it will keep the equipment where it belongs. The floor may be slippery, but the board isn’t. Moreover, with a plastic board underneath your tabletop will remain scratch free from those hard steel feet. You can also keep coffee, tea, and food items on it.

Use as a Photo Backdrop

If you are a photo enthusiast person and love to take a lot of photos of food items, a custom cutting board can be an ideal backdrop. Plastic made custom cutting boards are found in different designs and shapes. Find your favorite one and start shooting photographs keeping food items on it. You can also wrap your cutting board with butcher paper to have distinctive photo background.

Use as a Photo Backdrop

Cake Plate

For various family events, there is always in need of a board to put that delicious cake on it. A nice cut and well-designed large cutting board can serve this purpose. For small cakes, a plate is enough to serve your purpose. However, for larger cake, you need something bigger like a large cutting board. It is advised to wrap the cutting board with butcher paper before putting the cake. Keep shining side out so that it can be cool to look at.

Cake Plate

Use as a Serving Platter

The nice decorated plastic cutting board can also be used a serving platter. Serve food like fruits, juice or cakes. This board will keep your tablecloth from being dirty by fruit juice as well as from other potential messes.

Use as a Serving Platter

Perfect for Art Easel

Why not using your large cutting board as an art easel? The benefit here is you can use as much as inks, glues or whatever you need. You do not have to worry about damaging your plastic board.

Perfect for Art Easel

These are the best ways you can use your plastic cutting board. There are other ways you can use these plastic boards, like a vanity holder in the bathroom or shoe holder in the door step of your living room.

Cleaning and Maintenance Hack for Plastic Cutting Boards

The uses of plastic cutting boards are many, and it is important to keep it clean and well maintained for long-lasting use. So, let’s see some cleaning and maintenance hacks for these boards.

Cleaning and Maintenance Hack for Plastic Cutting Boards

Clean the Cutting Boards Regularly

In everyday use, your plastic cutting boards become dirty and sometimes damaged. If you keep the boards in dirty condition, it will make further damage. So, clean the cleaning boards regularly. The dishwasher is an ideal choice for cleaning plastic, glass or acrylic boards.

Sanitize the Cutting Board

Both plastic and wooden cutting boards are good to be sanitized. If you are tired of removing any kinds of paint, color or even glue, sanitization is a good option. Just use only one tablespoon of liquid, unscented chlorine bleach in one gallon of water. Soak your plastic board for several minutes and then rinse with cold water and air dry.

Deodorize Your Plastic Board

Another important thing to keep your plastic board as new is to deodorize it perfectly. All you need is a little amount of salt and lemon. Massage your cutting board heavily with coarse salt and keep it there for 10 minutes. Now, take a lemon and made some lemon juice out of it. Massage the board with this liquid. Next, rinse thoroughly with hot water. Let it dry, and you will have a new cutting board to work with.

Avoid Cross-Usage

Try to avoid cross-contamination. Keep a cutting board for raw meats and sea foods and another board for vegetables, cheese or bread. This will prevent contamination of bacteria from raw foods to other food items.

Remove Stains

Nothing looks as much disgusting as stains on the cutting boards which are hard to remove. If you have white plastic boards, you know how painful the situation can be. Do not worry, as the solution is not that hard. Soak your plastic board under hot water. Add one cup bleach and keep it there for an hour. Now, take out your cleaning board and wash thoroughly. Watch, the stain has disappeared!

Final Words

There are several hacks for a plastic cutting board. For life-saving hacks, we have mentioned some cool alternative ways of using your plastic cutting board. We believe those ideas will be helpful in making your life easier.

Moreover, for cleaning and maintenance hacks we have mentioned some promising techniques which can help you get rid of tough stains and make you plastic board looks like new.

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